Indrikis Gelzis

“We live in an era of social technology, where the manufactured technical equipment is associated with cognitive capital. Technology, which acquires qualities of human labour - efficiency, intelligence, wisdom, communication, etc., is transformed into fixed capital of machinery.
The new achievements, such as additive manufacturing, package delivery by drone or Tesla Autopilot, attest to a more automated and computerized future. The world is being rebuilt to communicate with itself, as well as to communicate without the assistance of human consciousness.

These wall-based sculptures find themselves in a constant flirtatious mode with graphic statistics, which cover the society as a whole, allow one to compare and contrast social observations, and, as a result, make it possible to draw conclusions and make predictions.By designing these models, which also mark the cartographic contours, they serve as local phenomenology, derived from global social structures. Incarnating these linear metal sculptures with fabric fragments, they communicate with their body language or gestures, depicting emotions and function, physical activity or posture. As a result, these abstracted headless figures, reflect upon the mind’s independent structure or reality, which attests to a programmed process, which results in a mechanical or daily situation.” - I. Gelzis

Indrikis Gelzis (b. 1988, in Riga, Latvia). He’s a laureate at HISK – Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium and he received he’s BFA and MFA in Visual Communication from the Art Academy of Latvia. His work has been exhibited at kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga (2012, 2014, 2017); Gallery Vartai in Vilnius, ERA VI VII VI in New York;  Arsenals. National Museum of Art - Creative space and others. Gelzis currently lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Born 1988 in Riga, Latvia
Lives and works in Gent, Belgium
2015 -2016
HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Gent, Belgium
2012 - 2014
Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Visual Communication (MA)
2011 - 2012
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Media department, Enschede, Holland
2008 - 2012
Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Visual Communication (BA)
Selected solo exhibitions
Sky's The Limit, Hole Of The Fox, Antwerp, Belgium
POPPOSITIONS' art fair, ING Art Center, Brussel, Belgium
Independent art fair, Vanderborght building, Brussel, Belgium
We Have a Thing in Common, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Patiently Becoming a Sculpture, MVT, Riga, Latvia
Two Unexpected Visitors, 'Arsenals' Creative Studio, National Art Museum of Latvia, Riga
Specifying Interpretations on a Single Individual, Riga Art Space, Intro Space, Riga, Latvia
Blind Sounds, Entrance Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Blind Sounds, KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia
The Meeting, KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia
Lost in Eyeshot, Cesis, Latvia
Selected group exhibitions
Heavy Metal, Jerome Pauchant gallery, Paris, France
Skeleton of the wind, Suprainfinit gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Form Cannibalism, The Stable, Waregem, Belgium
Wholesome environment, Lundgren gallery, Palma, Spain
Tastes Like Headaches, Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia.
San Serriffe, Collaboration with Daria Melnikova, Kaspars Grosevs. Riga Art space, Intro space, Riga, Latvia
The Super Narrative, In De Ruimte, Ghent, Belgium
The Empty Fox Hole, HISK final show, Ghent, Belgium
Identity is a fiction, Plagia Rama, Brussels, Belgium
Art Brussels, Represented by HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts), Brussels, Belgium
Influx, Era VI VII VI, New York, US
Reconstruction of a Sketch, Patiba, Latvian Contemporary Art History, National Library of Latvia, Riga
Silence Between Fences, A Bigger Peace, a Smaller Peace, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga
SALON, KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia
Hello, Head! (curated by Helēna Demakova), Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia
Escape Landscape, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia
Consul'Art, Pavillion- M, Marseille, France
Video art of Latvia, Performance & Movement, Centre L'Arcade, Aix-en-Provence, France
4 Dialogs, Floating art galleries BETANOVUSS and NOASS, Riga, Latvia
Blind Sounds, Experiment & Excellence, Cesis Art Festival (curated by Daiga Rudzāte), Latvia
Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo Norway
Latvian video art evening, Mains d’Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, France
CologneOFF, International Videoart Festival, Cologne, Germany
Recognize the Opponent, Beeldbuis Filmfestival, Zwolle, Netherlands
MOMENT, Fashion or Arts event, Tallin, Estonia
Das goldene Dorf, Emscherkunst, European Capital of Culture RUHR, Recklinghausen, Germany
Waterpieces, 10th International Contemporary and Video Art Festival, Riga, Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation, Scholarship, Riga
Waterpieces, 10th International Contemporary and Video Art Festival award, Riga
Exhibitions at Vartai