Ieva Mediodia
Ieva Martinaitytė - Mediodia is a student of the famous Lithuanian artist Kestutis Zapkus, who currently lives and works in New York. In 1992-1993 Ieva Mediodia was taking classes at visiting lector – professor Kes Zapkus in Vilnius Academy of Arts. She was a part of the group of artists of Vilnius Academy of Arts who aimed to validate unconventional artistic phenomena. Professor‘s lectures gained attention and soon became sort of a legend. Encouraged by such a phenomenon, students, including Ieva Martinaitytė - Mediodia, founded the artists' group „Good Evils“ which opposed the traditions and represented the world of art as it is.

Upon graduating from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas-born artist encouraged by their teacher Kes Zapkus left for New York to continue their studies at Hunnter College. There she met her future husband and father of their future daughter Eli.

Her exhibitions have been held in the United States, Italy, France, Romania, Finland. Her works were presented in Vilnius art gallery „Vartai“ in 2012.

Paintings of Ieva Mediodia resembles the universe or internet space. The author herself notices that while creating the paintings she feels like a player absorbed by the simulacra computer space - in an intermediate location between the old and the new, the virtual and the real world. The artist confronts a player stucked in simulacra space and an emigrant. "When I start painting and drawing, I want the canvas area to be like a movie, to make it look as if everything is moving, rotating, breathing. And it is quite difficult to do it in two dimensions. Everything you see in my works is like a map of my consciousness."
MFA Hunter College, Painting, New York
1987 - 1993
BFA Academy of Fine Arts, Painting, Vilnius
Selected solo exhibitions
Simulacra From The Void No2., Mc Daris Fine Art, Hudson, USA
Simulacra From the Void, Artscape with Allyson Shotz, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius
Ieva Mediodia. Paintings, Art For Architecture Gallery, Hilsdale, USA
Synaptic Katharsis, Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson, USA
Hubris/Hysteria, (Hi)Story showcase, Hudson, USA
Plug-In Terminal, Bencivart Gallery, Pesar, Italy
Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris
Gravity, Richard Sena Gallery, Hudson, USA
Biomorphic Automata, Annina Nosei Gallery, New York
Mindscapes, MOCA DC, Washington
Times Square Gallery, Hunter College, New York
Selected group exhibitions
Quadrennial 2014 – Art on a Flagpole, National Museum, Vilnius
All Of Me, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York
Artefact Pardo Gallery, Lake Worth, USA
Open Studios Day, Robert Pardo and Agora Foundation, Hudson, USA
Stoyanov Gallery, New York
Juried Art Show, Hudson Opera House, Hudson, USA
Myths Of The Near Future, Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson, USA
Transcience, Z2O Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome
Art Fair Padova, Padova, Italy
Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson, USA
Benefit Auction 2008: The Dream Of The Red Chamber Masquerade Ball, White Box, New York
The Art In A Landscape Studio Tour, Hudson, USA
Vips. The Unusual, Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris
Independent Drawing Gig 4, New York
Les Fleurs du Mal, Mary Goldman Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Currents, Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA
Arte Fiera 2006, Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
Scope New York, New York
Beyond Lilith. The Sacred Feminine, Scuderie Aldobrandini Museum, Frascati, Italy
101,3KM. Competition & Cooperation, Lithuanian Biennial, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
Arte Fiera 2005, Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
Europe Day 2004 Art Exhibit, Dahesh Museum, curated by Stephen Farthing - faculty, New York Academy of Art, New York
Prophetic Corners, International Biennial (curated by Anders Kreuger), Iasi, Romania
Annina Nosei Gallery, New York
Tucker nuck, Canada Gallery, New York
Center of Attraction, The 8th Baltic Triennial of International Art (curated by Tobias Berger), Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
Self-esteem, Lithuanian Biennial (curated by Anders Kreuger), Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
College Art Association, NewYork Area MFA Exhibition, Hunter College, New York
Whales Stomach, site-specific project, Vilnius
3rd Exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
Nordic Forum of Women, Turku, Finland
Nus, Corbas Center for Arts Polaris, Lyon, France
Good Evils, tour, Lithuania
Advent Bunch, Good Evils group, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius