Donata Minderytė
Donata Minderytė was born in 1991 in Lithuania, currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. She graduated from the Painting Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2016. Artist had solo exhibitions at gallery VARTAI, Vilnius and gallery Meno Niša, Vilnius, Lithuania. She also has participated in many group exhibitions in Lithuania, Austria, United Kingdom. 
"The past is constructing the present and the present in turn – the future. The moment wrested from the current of time is dead, because it has lost it‘s prolongation, it is imprisoned between sides of a canvas. Only a recollection of a moment depending on a term of time is changing: it is fading, popping, transforming, receding, resolving and converted view could be not recognizable anymore, it may transform to something that doesn‘t remind the thing you where trying to register. Could it be that not everything is the way it looks and not everything looks the way it is? So the transformation of the memory is my tool: I crop images, bleach them, zoom, put noise in it and I ask myself, can it reveal what‘s behind it, can it reveal the meaning? If not, is it possible to create what is hiding under it, can I anticipate what it could speak about? And however in the presence of impermanence it becomes the brigthly shining reference of a doubt and senselessness. But senselessness which is not sad, nihilistic or negative it is just self-contained, inevitable."
Born 1991 in Vilnius, Lithuania
Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 – 2016
Vilnius Academy of Arts, MA (Painting)
2010 – 2014
Vilnius Academy of Arts, BA (Painting)
Selected solo exhibitions
Memory Gene, gallery VARTAI, Vilnius, Lithuania
Suitable Circumstances, gallery Meno Niša, Vilnius, Lithuania
Selected group exhibitions
Belvedere, Meno forma, Kaunas, Lithuania
Worktop <> Desktop <> Showtop, exposition of Artistic Research, Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Viennacontemporary art fair, Vienna, Austria
Laiko vaizdų gaudytojai. (Trys scenarijai), Meno parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania
Wundercameraden, Meno forma, Kaunas, Lithuania
Parallel, Alte Post, Vienna, Austria
Kartos nesikartoja. Antrą kartą, Meno forma, Kaunas, Lithuania
Celebration, Šv. Jono galerija, Kaunas, Lithuania
Contemporary art fair ArtVilnius'15, Vilnius, Lithuania
Kartos (nesi)kartoja, Meno forma, Kaunas, Lithuania
Kosminė odisėja/Performatyvaus meno labaratorija, Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Art Cells, Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Screenings weekend Points of You, Central”, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jaunieji. Žalia sąmonė - 3 arba kaip nesikartoja istorija, Meno parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania