Ieva Rojūtė
Ieva Rojūtė was born in 1989 in Lithuania and is currently based in Vilnius. In 2013 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Artist has exhibited her works in solo exhibitions at Editorial, Vilnius and Vartai Gallery, Vilnius; as well as in group exhibitions at La Murate, Florence; the National Martynas Mažvydas Library of Lithuania, Vilnius; Viennacontemporary, Vienna; and Vartai Gallery, Vilnius (2017).
In her works, artist explores connections between people, the family construct, conflicts in the individual’s identity and everyday folklore. The main themes she keeps revisiting are the possibility of failure, misfortune, anxiety and fear. Rojutė is interested in insistent assertion of one experience at the expense of other experiences that we can see playing out in many of today’s touchy issues as well as personal lives. She takes a trip across the collective subconscious, from childhood complexes to the most primeval common past or dreams.
Born 1989 in Mažeikiai, Lietuva
Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Academy of Arts, BA (Fine Arts)
Merkelis Račkauskas gymnasium, Mažeikiai, Lithuania
Selected solo exhibitions
MOTHER & TONGUE, project space Editorial, Vilnius, Lithuania
Thursday Review, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Selected group exhibitions
Baltic Triennial 13: Give Up the Ghost, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
Body and Darkness, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Dausuva, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
Viennacontemporary art fair, Viena, Austria
Art Cells, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Gallery Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Raw Consciousnes or History Doesn't Repeat Itself, Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania