Dominykas Sidorovas
Dominykas Sidorovas (b. 1993) is a young generation Lithuanian painter, currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2018 graduated from the Painting Department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Artist has exhibited his works and took part in group exhibitions at HKU TUUB gallery, Utrecht, Meno forma gallery, Kaunas, Panemunė castle, Pilis etc. Sidorovas was awarded "J. Vienožinskio" prize by the Vilnius Academy of Arts painting department in 2015.
Dominykas Sidorovas focuses on everyday objects from common cultural or personal spaces and speculates on ambiguity of their visual representation and meaning. Dominykas‘s works balance between reality and fiction, as he tries to place casual or even boring objects in the field of fiction, which enables them to gain additional contexts and meanings. After a process of drawing and redrawing the artist started investigating an effect of defamiliarization as he observed visual shifts from representation to abstraction, from one particular object to the others. Dominykas deconstructs, deforms and visually cleanse the images of the objects he explores to their essence, which allows them to function not as mimicry, but rather as visual symbols.
Born in 1993 Panevėžys, Lithuania
Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Selected group exhibitions
Aukštaitijos dailė 2018. Memento mori, Panevėžys Art Gallery
Kontr-argumentas, Meno parkas gallery, Kaunas
Apmatai, Artifex gallery, Vilnius
Plenerjumas, Panemunė castle tower, Pilis
Compression, HKU TUUB gallery, Utrecht
WUNDERKAMERAden, Meno forma gallery, Kaunas
Kur vinukai?, Panemunė castle, Pilis
Panevėžys Art School graduation show, Antras aukštas gallery, Panevėžys
Justinas Vienožinskis award