Opening reception October 11, 2014, 6 pm 

In this exhibition we look at each other’s works as a context of our own practice. Separate and utterly autonomous, these works represent a fictional space that is constituted by a convergence between memories and deliberately created myth of everyday life. Each piece emerges as a perception of this fictional space. It is merely an attempt to represent through allusion this perpetually created space and the narrative that it generates. However, this fictional space is not fully captured by any individual artwork and its whole remains deeply obscure. Showing our pieces together, we are treating this mutually created fictional space as another - this time, collective - work. This space is a particular utopian periphery. Rather than defined geographically or socially, it is a much more abstract space of being, better understood through two related emotional structures - nostalgia and utopia. Due to the passage of time and the interference of memory nostalgia, as a false remembrance, in the long run becomes a purely fictional image. In it, time reaches a standstill and this stillness resonates with the stillness of utopia, where a particular order, once settled, makes everything freeze, but leaves anxiety that any change could destroy it all hanging in the air. 

The exhibition is partly supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture