Andrius Zakarauskas & Povilas Ramanauskas. A proper place to find
16 April - 3 May, 2013
Opening 16 April, Tuesday, 6pm, 

VMU art gallery “101”, Laisvės av. 53, Kaunas, Lithuania
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 17:00

16 April - 3 May, 2013

Artists: Andrius Zakarauskas & Povilas Ramanauskas
The exhibition „A proper place to find“ by a duet of two artists – Andrius Zakarauskas (1982, Kaunas) and Povilas Ramanauskas (1987, Kaunas) – introduces the new oeuvre of these two young artists/painters. Pictorial art and objects are exhibited in this exposition. Although the creative works of these two artists can seem distinct from each other at first sight, the artists are looking for common points, not differences. They are trying to question the limits of common understanding towards painting through the aspects of new techniques and concepts of contemporary art. 

The works of Andrius Zakarauskas maintain and elongate the deep traditions of Lithuanian colouristic painting and at the same time Andrius is looking for a „perfect“ approach, a recipe of creating a painting through individual interpretation of art itself, analizing it thoroughly. In his paintings A. Zakarauskas varies the image of his own figure. The shape is perceived and used as the fundamental axis of the composition. The creative work of A. Zakarauskas takes a solid place in the context of contemporary Lithuanian art. 

Povilas Ramanauskas is trying to find the line balancing between the concepts of painting and „non-painting“ in his creative works. The works of P. Ramanauskas – ranging from monochromic art to installation of volumetric objects – play a significant role in introducing innovative and original perspective of the concept of creation in the context of contemporary art. In his new pieces Povilas Ramanauskas chose the notion of horizon to express the concept of the title of the exhibition – „A proper place to find“. Here the concept of horizon is visually conveyed through pictorial art and objects. In the paintings horizon is interpreted as the backstage curtain of an enclosed space – theatre scene. 

The exhibition „A proper place to find“ speaks of the nuances of the process of painting. Looking for a proper place to paint a proper dab, to pick a suitable colour, to find an appropriate composition and a befitting embody of a shape. These outwardly small elements – like a dab, a colour, composition – become the main focus of a pictorial work of art, a painting. The exhibition „A proper place to find“ invites you to think of choosing the right way to go in our lives.