Žilvinas Kempinas, Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas, Evaldas Jansas, Patricija Jurkšaitytė, Ugnius Gelguda, Andrius Zakarauskas, Eglė and Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė
2012 gruodžio 13 d. - 29 d.
Vartai Gallery presents the contemporary art exhibition “Virages” December 13, Vartai Gallery (Vilniaus g. 39, Vilnius) will open this year’s last exhibition “Virages” which will include the works of some well-known Lithuanian contemporary artists: Žilvinas Kempinas, Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas, Evaldas Jansas, Patricija Jurkšaitytė, Ugnius Gelguda, Andrius Zakarauskas, Eglė and Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė. This exhibition is metonymical in the sense that some of the artists and works reflect the achievements of the Gallery during the past year, while others may set guidelines for the future. 

The French word chosen for the title of the exhibition, meaning turns, serves as a metaphor of infinite turns and opportunities. Each exhibition is both a state and an opportunity, a recording of a certain stage of creative work of an artist and a stimulation of the stage. Thus, the works presented in the exhibition do not have a single concept, but provoke the visitor to accept the works of famous contemporary artists as a dynamic body perceived individually depending on the personally chosen point of view in which we can stop and choose to make a turn. 

The works included in the exhibition are based on different artistic strategies and analyse different topics. 

Žilvinas Kempinas (born in 1969) is a New York based internationally acclaimed artist applying the principles of minimalism and pop art in his works. In 2009 he represented Lithuania in the 53rd Venice Biennial and has introduced his works in such institutions as Leme, São Paulo; Yvon Lambert, New York; Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; MoMa PS1, New York; the 6th Liverpool Biennial, UK; Yvon Lambert, Paris, New York; Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden; Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, South Korea; and Manifesta 7, Bolzano, Italy. 
Paulius (born in 1962) and Svajonė Stanikas (born in 1961) are Paris based interdisciplinary artists focusing on the topic of existentialism and reflecting it through the subtopics of love, passion, death, suffering, sin, flesh, and gender. In 2003 they represented Lithuania in the 50th Venice Biennial. They have held exhibitions in such institutions as White Box, New York; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Other Gallery, Shanghai; the 6th Liverpool Biennial, UK; etc. 
Evaldas Jansas (born in 1969) lives and works in Vilnius. His creative strategy is autobiographical and transgressive, and conveys the artist’s authentic commonness. 
Patricija Jurkšaitytė (born in 1968) can be distinguished for her application of appropriation and interpretation, conceptual approach to the medium of painting. 
Andrius Zakarauskas' (born in 1982) paintings are based on the reflection of the painting process and self-reflection of the painter. 
Ugnius Gelguda’s (born in1977) uses photography to reflect the issues of visual memory and representation. 
The trio of Eglė and Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė (Coro Collective) is based on collaboration and conceptual approach to the environment. Currently the artists are working in different fields and focus on different topics.

Curators: Danutė Gambickaitė, Jolanta Marcišauskytė - Jurašienė

Special thanks to Danguolė and Viktoras Butkai (Modern Art Centre)