10 - 17 January, 2013
Opening - 10 January, 6 pm
10 - 17 January, 2013

A week-long exhibition “27 Thursdays” will be opened in VARTAI Gallery on January 10, 6 pm. It will be an overview of the second half-year of the Thursday Review project, which organises open presentations of the latest works of selected artists and analyse the genre, development, uniqueness and potential of the author’s artwork. The practical one-hour reviews aim to make art easier to understand and more familiar. 

More than a year from the launch of the project and after nearly 50 events, the Thursday Reviews have clearly become a quite flexible platform for young artists and new projects – capable of acquiring different forms required by different authors. The project has created a strong database of young visual art – for both images and interpretations – used by the gallery as well as by the curators of other institutions of contemporary art. The Gallery hopes that it will become an indispensable tool for both proficient and beginner collectors. 

The exhibition “21 Thursday: A Summary” which was held in April 2012 to mark the first half-year of the project managed to host works of all the artists featured in the reviews. This time, only some of the works were selected due to the lack of space, and the selection was based on the freshness of ideas and quality of execution. The works included in the exhibition essentially reflect the unique approach of VARTAI Gallery as each of them provides an elegant combination of conceptuality and visuality. The following artists will be featured in the exhibition:
Jūratė Jarulytė, Jūratė Kluonė, Rosanda Sorakaitė, Povilas Ramanauskas, Merike Estna (painting); 
Tim Kliukoit, Karolis Vaivada, Rūta Songailaitė, Domas Noreika (objects); 
Gabija Vidrinskaitė and Jūra Bardauskaitė (graphics); 
Simona Žemaitytė (video); 
Lina Albrikienė (photography). 

The works of Vilma Samulionytė, Laura Grybkauskaitė, Adomas Danusevičius, Šarūnas Akelaitis, Gintautas Trimakas, Aistė Papartytė, Vidmina Stasiulytė, Joana Kairienė, Anna Pavlova, and Richard Schofield, as well as the projects from the duo of Leono Somov and Darius Žičkus, and Darius Jurevičius (Festival “Tarp”) introduced during the Thursday Reviews but not featured in the summary exhibition will be included in the Gallery’s portfolio room. 

During the opening ceremony, one of the participants of the exhibition will receive the “New Horizon” award, and VARTAI Gallery will buy his/her work. 


On January 10, 6 pm. openining of the week-long exhibition “27 Thurs days”, the “New Horizon” award

On January 14, 6 pm, the Gallery will hold an open discussion with the participation of a few artists from the Thursday Reviews, scouts who provided the introductions, and curators unrelated to the project – the Gallery hopes that the ideas floated during the discussion would reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the project. 

On January 17, 6 pm, the exhibition “27 Thursdays” will be closed with the opening of the review of the work from the graphic artist Roma Auškalnytė.

Curator - Eglė Juocevičiūtė

Sponsors of the exhibition: Vilnius City Municipality, Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania, Bosca, Ekskomisarų biuras, UAB Draugų Studija

Partner of the exhibition: Literatūra ir menas