11 – 17 July 2013
Review July 11, 5 pm. 

This Thursday, July 11, 5 pm, the Review Room will introduce the installation Game/Acting/Reality (Žaidimas/Vaidyba/Realybė, 2011) by Justas Žekonis (born in 1989). 

The artist got his BA in photography and media last year and has been exploring the boundaries of the potential of the photographic look in his installations. Space and View (Erdvė ir vaizdas, 2012), which his thesis work and aimed to embody the photography frame, participated in the young artists’ exhibition “The Quarters of the Chess City” at the Nida Art Colony last summer. Game/Acting/Reality consists of five objects and five pictures discussing the social game played by all. Fractal structure of the installation allows Justas to avoid any finite statements, and instead analyse a part of a wider whole. Five objects and five photographs represent five processes that epitomise manipulations one subconsciously exercises in communications with self and with other people. Thus, the installation and the pictures feature – among other things – a chessboard partitioned at the centre by a mirror, and two different objects that cast seemingly identical shadows due to lighting. Bodies appearing in the photographs near the objects and affecting the objects enable them to shed any aesthetical purpose and become means of performative processes coming into effect when used. Non-finite series of processes enables us to observe the games we play when communicating after leaving the gallery.    

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