25 – 31 July 2013
Review 25 July, 5 pm. 

On 25 July, 5pm, Galerija VARTAI will host the first exhibition of the photography project “Four” by the young generation photographer Monika Požerskytė. 

An announcement was made across media outlets on 5 June 2013 that four Lithuanian masters of photography – Antanas Sutkus, Aleksandras Macijauskas, Romualdas Požerskis and Romualdas Rakauskas – met in the Pix studio for a joint black-and-white picture. Urged by Mr. Požerskis and photographed by Ms. Požerskytė, the photo-artists quipped that they had not a single joint picture and had to make one while they still could. The photographers were shot holding their most famous works and self-portraits made in their youth. The joint pictures were made using film cameras. 

“Portrait photography is extremely powerful and impressive”, said Ms. Požerskytė. “The greatest significance of these four portraits can probably be seen in the historical context. I believe that these four photographers are the axis of the so-called Lithuanian school of photography. They have already become the historical textbook personalities. Why them? The question has been answered by all who take interest in photography in Lithuania and beyond. I think that the series could and should be continued, but by photography artists of a different generation and movement.”    

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