10 September – 19 October, 2013
Opening reception 10 September (Tuesday), 6 p.m. 
Performance Zapiekanka by Vitalijus Červiakovas is to be performed on Tuesdays to Fridays from 5 p.m. 
Artists: 2 EASY fashion, Gediminas Akstinas, Julijus Balčikonis, Vitalijus Červiakovas, Rokas Dovydėnas, Danutė Gambickaitė, Aurelija Maknytė, Milda Laužikaitė, Justė Venclovaitė

Curators: Danutė Gambickaitė and Jolanta Marcišauskytė-Jurašienė

The Hour of a Mile opens at Galerija VARTAI on September 10, 6 pm. The exhibition presents the works of artists from varying generations that are perceived as a non-hierarchical, poli-logical whole of elements. By means of looking at the already known works in a different context and presenting newly discovered ones, the curators of the exhibition endeavor to reveal a yet unseen perspective, grasp accidental as well as constructed inner connections. Within The Hour of a Mile miscellaneous replays, reconsiderations, recreations, imitations and appropriations of the artists’ personal or universal phenomena and life events connect. The title of the exhibition gives sense to the switchover of two fundamental notions. Customarily, a mile is a speed defined by time. However, by switching these notions around and measuring miles by hours (time) rather than measuring hours (time) by miles, the boundaries of the world as we acknowledge it vanish away, and the notions of speed and time become undefined. 

Gediminas Akstinas, one of the first representatives of conceptual art in Lithuania, presents reflections of his early work that sprang up while thinking about this exhibition and topical phenomena of contemporary culture. The duet of artists 2 EASY fashion – Marius Lelka and Paulius Miliauskas – present drawings that are based on the contemplation of cooperation and creative action as a playful dialogue. The works created by throwing coloured pencils around came into being during the conversations about famous world artists, iconic works and phenomena of the art world. The creator of interdisciplinary art Julijus Balčikonis, with the use of appropriation methods, re-estimates his grandfather’s – textile classic’s Juozas Balčikonis (1924–2010) – creative legacy by means of reflecting his personal relation to family’s history, artists’ dynasty phenomenon. 

Ceramicist Rokas Dovydėnas juggles Chinese traditions of porcelain manufacturing and vase painting around, giving this phenomenon a tint of fiction. Artist Aurelija Maknytė conceptually ‘rethinks’ a check received for the digitalization of Algimantas Kunčius’ strips that has become a point of reference in the contemplation of subjective creative experience and the phenomenon of mimicry common in nature. Justė Venclovaitė presents a video-work where, with a typical to the author sense of humor, the spectator’s perception is played about. Danutė Gambickaitė offers texts-poems created by binding up the experiences of writing and reading. With the use of a peculiar method, she reads over and rewrites Lithuanian art critics’ texts into writings having a poetical form. Performative textual replay highlights the topic of art criticism as the form of an artwork which has remained relevant until the present-day in art discourse. 

Vitalij Červiakov presents performance sessions for the piano of the gallery entitled Zapiekanka during which the pianist shall play the notes read from the ad-flyers and food packages. In the hands of different pianists, meaningless, faceless notes that serve as a decorative accent will take on various different shades. Milda Laužikaitė will contribute to the exhibition with two intangible actions: by leaving a notice to a would-be work and performing an action at the gallery that will be revealed only at the opening. 

Patron: Vilnius City Municipality 
Sponsor of the exhibition: Culture Support Foundation 
Sponsors of the gallery: Bosca, Ekskomisarų biuras, Namas ir Aš, Infoterminalas, Draugų studija