Something of Mainstream
22 May - 13 June, 2014
On May 22, 6 pm, Galerija VARTAI will host the solo project „Something of Mainstream“ by the young generation italian artist Niccolo' De Napoli. 

Niccolo De Napolli‘s artistic research is based on those daily discoveries that help to vanish the vague veil between reality and appearance. Attached to his roots that tie him in a context where human and divine have an heated connection. De Napoli works by transposing signs and symbols from an apparently imposible world – but true in the end- into the ordinary. 

 The Women in video work „Something in a living room“ badmire a shiny object on the ceiling, almost adoring it in silence, showing a dissidence between an ancient religion and its possible contemporary decline, where the mystical component acquires a paradoxical dimensijon unexpectedly linked to our reality. 

The work of Niccolo De Napoli „Something in a living room“ was shown on 54 Venice Biennial at Italian Pavilion “Lo stato dell’arte” Regioni d'Italia in 2011 and at Combat Prize, Museo G. Fattori, Livorno, Italy in 2013. 

Alessandra Troncone

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