8 September – 10 October 2015
Adrian Buschmann, Anne Cathrin Ulikowski, Dörte Oppermann, Lilli Thießen
Opening on Tuesday, 8 September at 6 pm

Dear Artists,


These works are on fire. They are like blocks that make up sentences that are used to tell this story of ours: Der Champagnerkäfig. It isn’t just a cage but also an incoherent sequence of occurrences, snaking their way along the margins of their confinement, through and around its bars. These ghosts dangle. They snap and they hang dizzily. They are seen and they hurt. After ten or a hundred years, and a myriad of events: We come together on this occasion. The four of us, sipping from this bottle.


Looked at Matisse’s house in Nice and tried to find his white tape in San Remo. This idyll is askew, its home is in a riot of flowers by the sea. This crisis is crumbling, palm trees stand beheaded. It is a serene quiescence, no escapism. Some of these thoughts turn out to be more clear than others.


Remembering what has to be shipped. Empty bags, full of it. A quarter past midnight, a message arrives from a hill in Vallebona: Seeing TIME in its undies that reach the tummy button. Enjoying the whole range of colors. We’re sticking bags on windows, as if people wouldn’t hang curtains or blinds over these Zeitfenster but instead would just cover them against the mess and light. A milky, plastic calm.


In the gallery they are instituted like traps and the sun shines in Italy. In France, approximately nine years ago, videos with dresses made out of plastic bags were shot. Sometimes there is a comicbookmood governing this world. Charged, carried along and worn, and tragic super heroes drawn on data of social economics. Heroines with neither overtures nor champagne are hanging from the ceiling. Will any network catch them? Do we all want to go all out?


A lot gets mixed up and works like x-ray, scanning our pose. The champagne has flown. Another message arrives: You’re only portraying yourself, said my fellow student. I lied and said, all artists do. And also, this isn’t me. Maybe it shows how I want to be, but how anyways? These are just stills of a story that you have to imagine yourself.


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Patron Vilnius City Municipality

Sponsors of the exhibition: Lithuanian Council for Culture, BMUKK, Cognac Boutique

Sponsors of the gallery: Lietuvos rytas daily, Ekskomisarų biuras Security Services,

We are grateful to Romas Kinka