ARTscape: Poland
7 September - 22 October 2010
Large-scale interdisciplinary project ARTscape continues its programme throughout the year 2010. It involves contemporary art, cinema and jazz, co-organized by some of the most qualified cultural institutions: Gallery VARTAI, Kino Pavasaris and Vilnius Jazz. These three experienced institutions are presenting the contemporary culture scenes of European countries, the cities of which are, were or will become capitals of culture. The three different media – art, cinema and music – will outline the diagrams of dynamic cultural process.

Rafał Bujnowski is one of the most radical Polish contemporary painters. His works are a brilliant fusion of painting and conceptual art. His canvases as well as videos, objects and artistic actions explore the social functioning of the artist and the works of art.

In VARTAI Gallery, Bujnowski will present his latest collection of paintings. Abstract and minimalist from the first glance, these works – according to the artist – in fact embody the idea of painting as the representation/reflection of visible reality. Glazed monochrome landscapes reflect the objects of reality bringing multiple layers to the image.

Bujnowski gained fame in the mid-1990s and became one of the central figures of Polish contemporary art. He was a co-founder of the cult art group “Ladnie” together with other Polish authors Wilhelm Sasnal and Marcin Maciejowski who are have also received critical acclaim in the global art scene. 
Rafał Bujnowski’s exhibition in VARTAI Gallery was organised in cooperation with the Warsaw contemporary art gallery Raster. 

The visitors of the ARTscape: Poland exhibition will also see the impressive installations of Ray Bartkus that explore the links between civilisation, atrocities, existential necessities and social standards. 

The collection will also include the artist’s paintings from the cycle “Accidents”. What these paintings have in common is the scheme: there are accidental spills on the left and meticulous copies of these accidents drawn with watercolour and tempera on the right. 

Ray Barkus’ painter’s talent was evidenced in his exhibition of “Forgeries” mounted in Vartai Gallery two years ago where he presented copies of official documents, cheques and fashion tags drawn in watercolour and tempera.
The artist has been living and working in the USA since 1991. His illustrations appear on the covers of various magazines and in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, Harper’s, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, etc.


The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania,
Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania,
 Vilnius City Municipality


Polish Institute in Vilnius,
 Az communications