ARTscape: Ireland
15 June - 31 July 2010
Large-scale interdisciplinary project ARTscape continues its programme throughout the year 2010. It involves contemporary art, cinema and jazz, co-organized by some of the most qualified cultural institutions: Gallery Vartai, Kino Pavasaris and Vilnius Jazz. These three experienced institutions are presenting the contemporary culture scenes of European countries, the cities of which are, were or will become capitals of culture. The three different media - art, cinema and music – will outline the diagrams of dynamic cultural process. 

Mark Garry creates organic installations, which intersect the space of the gallery and invite an investigation in the way humans navigate the world around them. Contemplative video pieces invite to see the world from the onlooker‘s perspective, analyze processes of thought. The artist creates installations from delicate materials, as well as sculpture made of wood and paper creating tactile yet fragile environments for reflection on space, art and human interaction. Mark Garry’s practice is mainly site specific, and adapted to unique requirements of each gallery space. He is an acclaimed musician, essayist and art curator from Dublin. 

Vladimir Tarasov, a world renowned musician and composer, has been involved in the contemporary art practice for more than a decade, creating compositions inspired by music fused with contemporary art aesthetics. His interdisciplinary practice involves through spatial installations and video artworks, which provide an acoustic and visual experience. Sound plays a key role in his installations and is enriched by kinetic expression.


Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania


Embassy of Ireland


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