8 August - 4 September 2009
João Paulo Feliciano  

Laura Garbštienė

In August, João Paulo Feliciano’s “Music Lessons (recapitulation)” will be given in VARTAI gallery. From the very beginning of his artistic career, João Paulo Feliciano has been integrating visual arts and music in his works. The artist is always tempted by changes, discoveries and experiments. All of these are reflected in his works, which – according to João Paulo Feliciano himself – are a record of the unexpected changes in his own life. The artist has dedicated the past three years to music and the studies of music. This experience inspired João Paulo Feliciano to a new exhibition.

The work of the Lithuanian artist Laura Garbštienė is multidimensional. She uses the media of videos, film, photography and text, and often becomes the main character or subject of her own works responding to the environment or a staged situation. Laura Garbštienė’s works are full of linguistic manipulations and coincidences invoking subjective emotional reactions. The artist’s works presented in the exhibition are full of puns lined with political and social connotations.

Exhibition organized in cooperation with Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art.

Curator: Laura Rutkutė