24 June - 18 July 2009
VARTAI gallery presents contemporary German artist Tatjana Doll. In her canvases the German artist, who has spent the last ten years making art in Berlin displays fetishized objects of the modern urban life and mass culture. Fast cars, trains, luggage and airoplanes express her passion for speed, which is complimented by bold, poster-like colours. Her extremely large oeuvres give the feeling of uncontrollability and challenge the boundaries of traditional painting.  

The artistic position of the young Lithuanian artist Andrius Zakarauskas plays an instrumental role in the reading of his paintings. He calls his works "abstractions", which require a certain level of reflection and analysis of the depicted plot. The brush of paint is dynamic and provides his figures with character. The predominant idea in Andrius Zakarauskas works, as he says, is “painting the process of painting“ - the questioning of art making process itself - and in this exhibition he invites the viewer to join in this open discussion.

Exhibition organized in cooperation with Galerie Gebr. Lehmann

ARTscape is a part of The national programme Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009. Gallery VARTAI, “Kino pavasaris” and “Vilnius Jazz festival” invite the audience to dive into the European cultural rhythms of the 21st century. ARTscape is a large-scale project that involves contemporary art, cinema and jazz, co-organized by some of the most qualified cultural institutions: “Kino pavasaris”, “Vilnius jazz” and Gallery VARTAI. Throughout the year and in the beginning of 2010 these three experienced institutions will be presenting the contemporary culture scenes of twelve European countries, the cities of which are, were, or will become European capitals of culture. The three different media – art, cinema and music – will outline the diagrams of dynamic cultural processes, while interdisciplinary presentation of each country will appeal to a multitude of different social groups.  


Project is presented by “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009“.


Vilnius City Municipality, the Ministry of Culture of Respublic of Lithuania