10 - 15 April 2012
Since 17 November 2011, VARTAI gallery organises Thursday Reviews that are open to the public and seek to introduce the latest works of a selected artist and analyse the development and uniqueness of his or her artwork. These practical one-hour events aim to speak about art in a way that makes it more comprehensible, intimate and familiar to every visitor. The Thursday Reviews also aspire to record the progress and trends of Lithuanian artists, promote works of acclaimed artists and discover new promising names. 

This is the 21 Thursday from the beginning of the initiative. So far, the works of 20 artists have been reviewed ranging from painting and graphics, to photography and video, to installation and performance. 

21 THURSDAY. Summary will present the digest of all works introduced during the Thursday Reviews and provide an opportunity to view the prospect of the entire almost half-a-year project at a glance. 

The exhibition will include the works of the following artists:
T. Gindrėnas, L. Grybkauskaitė, E. Grudzinskaitė, L. Selmistraitytė (graphics); 
I. Ercmonaitė, S. Jakunskaitė, L. Jusionis, R. Povilaitytė (painting); 
D. Kavaliauskaitė, M. Narbutaitė, V. Šileikienė (photography); 
V. Drumžlytė, M. Jociūtė, I. Miler, R. Sereikaitė, M. Šnipaitė, J. Venclovaitė (installations/objects); 
A. Anskaitis, E. Škarnulytė, J. Žvinklytė (video).


Municipality of Vilnius city, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, 
Bosca, Libra Vitalis, IGEPA group

Sponsors of the gallery:

Tark Grunte Sutkienė, Ekskomisarų biuras, Lietuvos rytas